RGV’s sensational comments on Pawan.. ‘Varahi’ if he is in the temple.. ‘Pig’ if he is on the road..!

Ram Gopal Varma | Sensational director Ramgopal Varma made sensational comments on Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan. It is known that Pawan Kalyan’s campaign chariot Varahi was worshiped in Kondagattu on Tuesday. Later, a meeting was held there and he spoke. RGV, who shared the photos related to this, made a series of tweets comparing Pawan with Swami Vivekananda and comparing ‘Varahi’ to a pig.

Pawan Kalyan made comments saying that Swami Vivekananda is speaking from Hitler’s van. On this occasion he made sensational comments saying that only Pawan Kalyan has such power that Hitler hit his right leg and Swami Vivekananda hit his left leg.

‘If NT Rama Rao returned on ‘Chaitanya Ratham’ in those days, you are saying that you are traveling on a ‘pig bus’ and trample all my sons under the tires of the bus with the masses of people, sir! If it is not possible to do that legally then at least file a case. This is my request as your fan,” Verma tweeted.

‘If it’s in the temple it’s ‘Varahi’, if it’s on the road it’s ‘Pig’… P(Pawan Kalyan), some dogs bark that naming his pig ‘Varahi’ is a gross insult to the Goddess. If they don’t shut their mouths immediately, our holy ‘Varahi’ will be branded as a ‘pig bus’. Jai PK, Jai Jana Sena’ said Verma in another tweet. Soon after that he made a series of tweets saying, Dear Janasainikul, please make sure the hashtag #PandhiBassuVaarahi does not trend. Now these tweets are going viral.

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