Revealing the whole thing… Why Disha Pathani didn’t accept the bumper offer..!

We all know how much fame Puri Jagannath earned as a daring and dashing director in our Tollywood film industry. Rajamouli’s father, famous writer Vijayendra Prasad Puri, has a picture on his mobile screen, so it is clear how much Rajamouli likes it. Not only Vijayendra Prasad but many directors in the Telugu film industry take Puri as inspiration.

It is a great thing that Rajamouli, Harish Shankar and Sukumar are among them. However, the films directed by Puri Jagannath have become blockbusters, but all the films have turned out to be flops and disasters. It’s a shocking thing that heroes flop even if they get massive mass craze. The standards of Puri cinema are always the same even on the flop of the movie.

That increases his market stamina. No one can imagine the business of Puri movie. And the heroines acting in the movie also become very popular. People like Anushka Shetty, Aashin, Rakshita, who were introduced as heroines, lit a light as stars in Tollywood. Also, hot beauties like Disha Pathani are those who entered our Telugu industry and yearned for success.

Disha Pathani made her debut with Loafer starring Varun Tej. After Ileana, it can be said that Disha Pathani is the heroine who looked as slim as that height. Moreover, the hotness is beyond that in this beauty. Especially, the glamor pics that are always left showing the beauty of the tight butt in the big size are making some people jealous.

Anyone would want to romance this beauty. But, because Disha’s eyes are waiting for her to show her beauty here, neither our makers nor our heroes care. It is known that there is a shortage of heroines in the industry. Disha is a good crazy heroine in Bollywood. The million dollar question is why grandchildren are taking light of such a heroine.

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