Renu Desai | Divorce is not wrong.. Is it journalism to peer into our lives?.. Renu Desai's strong reply to a person

Renu Desai | Everyone focuses on celebrities. They try to peek into their personal lives. Hitavu said to such people. Film actress Renu Desai has posted a long post on social media addressing many people who are creating rumors about the personal lives of film stars. 'Focusing on the lives of celebrities is not true journalism,' says Hitavu. A person recently spoke on a YouTube channel about Renu Desai's re-entry into the film industry as an actress with the film 'Tiger Nageswara Rao'.. He made comments on her personal matters. Renu Desai was posting the photos posted by that person on social media and satirized him. Renu Desai reminded of her past achievements.. Hitavu said that women should not be looked down upon.

'Like everyone else we make some mistakes in our personal lives. There are problems in our personal life. There are sweet moments when we get love from others and there are times when our mind is shattered due to some mistakes and problems faced. In such a case it is not a crime for us to divorce in our personal life. I like to talk about my life. Renu Desai stated that it is not good to earn money by talking about the problems faced by others.

Is it fair to talk about actors and their personal lives? Will it disturb the peace and order of the society? When any movie is released, movie analysts and critics express their opinion on it. We consider it their freedom of expression. But it is not good to talk about our lives'. Recently, Renu Desai said that it has become normal for everyone who is free to talk about the personal lives of film celebrities on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

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