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Regina Cassandra is a natural actress. So, even if there is any room for experiments, he will ring the calling bell of his house. Call sheets are chased. She will be seen in the role of Mrinalini Sarabhai in Rocket Boys-2, which will be available for viewers on Netflix from March 16. A chit chat with Regina on this occasion..

In fact, Most of my character was shot during the first part of Rocket Boys. Most of them are being used now. Even in that our director Abhay knows the pulse of the viewers. I stayed away from promotional activities in the first season due to various reasons. This time we have to go public.

OTT.. Good platform for actors. Shadrasopetha meal for viewers. Additional income for filmmakers. A boon for new directors. It is a medium that can’t be turned either way. I tried my luck on this stage with ‘Rocket Boys’. I got a good name. Telugu and Tamil webseries
Raised my level.

female OTT has become a laboratory for artists. New characters are coming. Many themes revolve around the life of a woman. It would be good if this trend extends to the big screen as well.

the movie Our salaries are less compared to men in the field. This discrimination exists in every field. Otherwise, they are only discussing the film industry. No one will open their mouths in any corporate world. That’s the difference. But, the conditions were different when I entered the industry. Now there is a lot of change. I have had many experiences in my twelve year career. Some good, some bad. That’s the difference.

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