Red saree.. Pacharaika

The dances and gestures of the heroine Rashmika Mandanna in the movie ‘Pushpa’, saying ‘ Sami..’, enthralled the mass audience. Lakhs of short videos were created on social media with Rashmika Mandanna’s signature step in that song. Above all, Rashmika’s red saree with gold lace border and green jacket stole the hearts of the fans. Now this saree is in huge demand in Jaipur market of Rajasthan.

Srivalli (Rashmika Mandanna’s character name in the movie ‘Pushpa’) sarees are widely sold by garment shops. It is said that women are falling in love with this Srivalli saree as it almost resembles the saree worn by Rashmika in the movie. Netizens posted pictures of this saree taluk in the market on social media. Many women are of the opinion that this saree is good to wear during the upcoming Devinavaratri festival. It is said that Rashmika Mandanna not only created a nationwide craze with the movie ‘Pushpa’, but also created a trend in terms of costumes.

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