Reality is boring

Director Vikram K Kumar is a master at bringing out tender emotions that touch the heart beautifully on screen. The audience believes that his movies will have heart touching emotions. Vikram K Kumar’s latest film is ‘Thank You’. Produced by Dil Raju and Sirish with Naga Chaitanya as the protagonist, this film will hit the screens on 22nd of this month. On this occasion, Vikram K Kumar shared with the journalists on Thursday..

We use the word thank you very commonly in our daily dealings. It is also used in small cases. Because of that, we are devaluing the word thank you. In fact, where it is necessary to say thank you, we miss out without saying it. After all, when we say thank you to our parents, we think that we are the ones. We tend to think that our parents will stay with us for the rest of our lives. But that is not true. Life is full of uncertainty. You can never predict what will happen at any turn so you should always thank your parents in every situation.

Abhiram’s journey

I have been wanting to do a film with Naga Chaitanya for four years. I liked the story told by BVS Ravi at such a time. He made this subject without missing the spirit and flavor of the story. The story unfolds like a nostalgic journey unfolding the three phases of the life of a young man named Abhiram. The journey from 16 to 34 years is like a visual. This story has no similarity with the movies Premam and Na Autograph.

There should be gratitude

There will be no concept of time travel in this movie. Abhiram’s journey has been unveiled in a non-linear screenplay. I will make sure that there are some magical moments in my film. They are also found in this. Naga Chaitanya got emotional after hearing this story. ‘There are many people to thank in my life, sir..’ he got excited. We cannot bring a subject like this to the screen without a sense of gratitude. Before making this film, I thought about the people I need to thank in my life.

No one can do it except Naga Chaitanya

Naga Chaitanya has worked hard for the role of Abhiram in this movie. Especially when he worked hard to look like a sixteen-year-old boy. Along with losing weight, he took special care in terms of looks. We tried different sketches for his character. I think no one but Naga Chaitanya can do such a character. I have a long association with producer Dilrajugari. I feel fortunate to have embarked on my journey with the film ‘Thank You’. I have crafted this film with heartwarming elements that will cement the reputation of Dilrajugari banner.

Believe in astrology

We all have a lot of faith in fate. We live with the hope that good things will happen. That’s why in my movies I put astrology elements in the screenplay. Being from Kerala I am more interested in astrology. During my days in Chennai, I was fascinated by the nervous divination of Tamaram region.

Reality is so boring

The reality of life bores me. After watching the movie, the audience should think ‘how beautiful this world is’. This philosophical role increased my attraction towards movies. My next film is going to be done by Mythri Movie Makers. I am also directing an action film in Hindi.

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