Ready for the role of Surpanakha

Actors want to be a part of big projects and prestigious films. Currently, the movie ‘Ramayan’ has become a hot topic in Bollywood. Every day news is coming out about those who are acting in this movie which will be made with a huge budget and a huge cast. In this order, Laura Dutta, who won the crown of Miss Universe in the year 2000, is playing a key role in this movie. On this news.. Anyone wants to be a part of a movie like Ramayan. However, so far no one has approached me to act in it. I will definitely do it if I get a chance. There are reports that I am playing the role of Kaikeyi in Ramayan. Surpanakha and Mandodari are ready to act in this film if given the opportunity. I will do justice to any of these three characters,’ says Laura Dutta.

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