RC16 | Ram Charan and Buchi Babu are facing the biggest obstacle.. Can they cross it?

RC16 | Buchibabu remained vacant for three years after the flood. No matter how many heroes come in between, no matter how many producers come and give advances of crores of rupees, he said no. This boy director is already fixed to make a big movie. That’s why Buchibabu said no to the producers who offered Rs 15 crore to make a film with us after the flood. To be honest, after the release of Uppena, Buchibabu’s diary is full.

He has to admit but many heroes are in the queue. Medium range heroes have jumped to do a movie with him. But he was already fixed to do a big film with Junior NTR. Otherwise, as NTR was busy for another three to four years, he turned his story towards Ram Charan. Although Buchibabu says that this is not the story written for NTR, it is heard that according to internal circles, he is changing the same story a bit. Buchibabu started Ram Charan’s movie as he thought everything was fine. But this director has to overcome the biggest challenge with this film. RC16 is composed by AR Rahman. Buchi Babu turned his eyes towards Rahman only when it was fixed that this film should be screened at an international level. Because if Rahman’s name appears there, the film will automatically gain popularity on the global stage. But AR Rahman is a negative sentiment as far as Telugu industry is concerned. So far, even a single film in which he has given music in Telugu has not played well.



Starting from Gang Master, Super Police, I Know Your Mind, till Puli, Nani, none of them became hits. Even though the songs were super hits, the movies were flops. Even if Ae Maya Chesawe succeeds, it is a bilingual film. AR Rahman’s movies have not been a direct hit in Telugu so far. Now despite this negative sentiment, Buchibabu took Rahman as the music director for his film. He thought that he needed branding for his film.. So this director did not really care about the background. Ram Charan and Buchibabu will start regular shooting from June. Rahman has already given three tunes. Janhvi Kapoor is playing the heroine in it. Let’s see how much success Buchibabu will get beyond this negative sentiment..!

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