RC16 Movie | Heroine’s daughter of yesteryear paired with Ram Charan?

RC16 Movie | Looks like the Game Changer movie will be delayed even more than expected. Inside talk that Ram Charan is thinking of taking steps towards Buchi Babu film. Currently, the pre-production work of this film is going on at a fast pace. Especially from the location of the office to the selection of casting, everything is done at jet speed. Buchi Babu is also planning to use the opportunity given by Ram Charan properly. On the other hand, Maithri is also making efforts to produce the film on a large scale without putting any boundaries in terms of budget. If this is the case, the latest news related to this movie will go viral.

The makers are thinking of selecting Hindi Bhama as Ram Charan’s pair in this movie. After examining some people for that, the film unit is leaning towards a girl named Rasha Thadani. Who is Rasha Dadani? Raveena Tandon Garala Patte Rasha Thadani who was popular as Prime Minister in KGF-2. The photo shoot for this heroine has already been completed. It is known that the next step is to know how the acting is. It is reported that the makers are going to organize a workshop for that. If it passes, they are thinking of fixing Rasha Tadani as the hero.

Rasha Thadani has not done a single film so far. Recently, a film with an actor from a top hero family in Bollywood has given the green signal. Abhishek Kapoor is the director of this movie. It must be said that it is a privilege to get a chance to act with a global star without doing a single film like this. The film RC16, which is being shot in the rural backdrop of the village, is set in the background of sports. Inside talk says that Ram Charan is going to speak dialogues in Uttarandhra dialect in this movie.

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