RC15 Movie: Interesting title for Ramcharan-Shankar movie .. Class in consideration, Mass titles‌ ..

RC15 Movie: It is known that a movie is being released with Shankar as the hero of Ramcharan. Shankar, who has given a name to big films, has huge expectations on the upcoming film in the cherry combination of becoming a pan-India hero with Tripular. The shooting of the film, which is set to release in Panj India, is already in full swing. The film unit has already shot key scenes for the upcoming RC15 working title.

Some key scenes will be opened in Hyderabad soon. Meanwhile, the daily news is going viral even though the film unit has not released any advertisement from the film till now. The latest blockbuster product from Star Trek has just hit the shelves. It is learned that the mass title ‘Sarkarodu’ is being considered for the upcoming film as a political action drama. The makers think that this title is a good fit for the image of Cherry Moss.

Talk is heard that the film unit is also thinking of a class title of ‘Officer’. Information that either of these two will soon be fixing a title. It remains to be seen what decision the film unit will make in terms of title‌. It is learned that Kiara Advani is playing the role of Cherry while Taman is composing the music for the film which is being produced by Dilraju.

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