Raviteja | Ravi Teja’s backup is over.

Raviteja | Ravi Teja, who received successive successes with films like Dhamaka and Waltheru Veeraiya, could not turn the wheel again after that. Routine stories are hitting him hard. Moreover, without proper promotion, films are struggling badly. The situation of the recently released movie Eagle is also the same. Although the talk of this movie is good, the collections are not as expected. Especially the second half was good, even if the film was advertised that if the team had promoted more, the film would have been safe, but even Eagle could not be average. Even though the collections were huge for three days, it fell as Dhammaal from the fourth day.

The situation is the same with Tiger Nageswara Rao and Ravanasura movies that came before this. Although Ravanasura did not climb much, Tiger flopped only because of the length problem. Despite successive flops, Ravi Teja’s backup is tight. Hit directors are queuing up for him. Currently, Mr. Bachchan is doing a movie with Harish Shankar called Mass Raja. The shooting of this film is going on fast. Harish Shankar is planning a summer release. It will be a remake of Raid movie. Mass Raja slowly says that he will definitely hit the success track again with this movie. On the other hand, the business of this film is also done at the same level.

Irrespective of Ravi Teja’s previous films, fancy offers are coming for it. Because this is the movie coming in the combination of Ravi Teja and Harish after Mirapakai. On the other hand, there is a craze for Harish’s movie. Even after this, Ravi Teja’s line-up was shaken. Mass Raja is planning a film with Anudeep KV. This director who has given classics like Jati Ratnala.. The output that comes with Ravi Teja is amazing. On the other hand, it is known that there will also be a Gopichand Malineni movie. Ravi Teja has lined up good directors. Let’s see how much the mass market will grow with these.

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