Raviteja | Class director with masraja.. Will there be a combo?

Raviteja | Who is not as happy as Masraja Ravi Teja right now. After the blockbuster comeback like ‘Crack’, ‘Khiladi’ remains the biggest disaster in Ravanna’s career. With the rush before the release, the openings did well. But full drops from the second day. It disappeared from theaters within a week. Well, if you think that a flop is natural after a huge success.. ‘Rama Rao’, which worked very hard, also remained a disaster. These two back-to-back disasters left Ravanna deeply disappointed.

In this sequence, he came in front of the audience late last year with his regular genre, Mass Chokka Thodukkuni Dhamaka. This movie got full negative reviews on the day of its release. If cut, it has created a new record as the highest grossing movie in Ravi Teja’s career. Waltheru Veeraya was another hit before Dhamaka enjoyed success. Then Ravi Teja was disappointed with two disasters.. Now two back to back hits made Ravan’s enthusiasm doubled Currently he is doing films on the sets with the same Josh.

But recently it is heard that the film will be made with the director of Masraja’s class. Prashant Varma created his mark in Tollywood in different movies like Aa!, Kalki, Jambireddy. Currently he is making Pan India movie Hanuman with Teja Sajja. The post production work of this film is going on and the release date will be revealed soon. Recently, Prashant Varma said a line to Ravi Teja and took it into his line. It is said that Ravi Teja liked that line so much that he prepared the full script. An official announcement is likely to come soon. While Prashant Varma’s first film A! Ravi Teja donated his voice.

But how will Prashant Varma, who makes classy films, handle Ravi Teja, who is a carafe address to the masses, has started to get excited among the audience. And Masraja also started doing experimental films recently. In this calculation, it seems that the sync has been established between them. It remains to be seen whether this combination will be set in the end? Does it fit? that

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