Rashmika’s mouth twitching.. Cheap comments on Tamannaah.. How come all the words are so wrong..!?

We know what kind of hot photo shoots national crush Rashmika Mandanna has been doing lately. Especially after the hit of Pushpa movie, Rashmika Mandanna’s range, craze and remuneration have increased threefold. After Pushpa came “Adavaru Vukke Joharlu”.. the movie turned out to be a disaster. However, with the success given by Pushpa, Rashmika rushes forward. Now Rashmika has become a part of two big projects in Tollywood, two in Kollywood, and seven big projects in Bollywood.

In this sequence, Rashmika is trolled on social media by making some controversial comments while chit-chatting with her fans from time to time. Lately, Rashmika said that she is being trolled a lot on social media.. Rashmika told trollers left and right saying that it hurts her..Recently, there are news on social media that she has made cheap comments on heroine Tamannaah. We know what kind of good name Tamannaah has earned in the industry.

Now the air of sales has died down, but the career had a wave in the beginning. Tammanna, who entered the industry as a star heroine by getting successive opportunities.. presents opportunities or does item songs. In this order, it is known that Rashmika made indirect comments on Tamannaah. “When your career is good, how can you act in an item song, how do you think you will get opportunities later..? We have to plan every step we take in our career.. Only then our career will be in the top position.. There are no opportunities.. Accepting any role for money is the biggest minus point of heroines in the industry” she said. In this sequence, people are trolling Rashmika by saying that the words spoken by Rashmika are meant for Tamannaah.

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