Rashmika Mandanna : What happened to Rashmika’s Bollywood hopes?? Hasn’t Rashmika made a proper entry in Bollywood??

Rashmika Mandanna: She is getting great success in South. She is busy with a handful of films, doing one after another with star heroes. Meanwhile, she called from the North. Soon the location was changed to Mumbai. National Karshmika, who entered Bollywood with many hopes, has been doing films since two years as a shuttle service, but it is doubtful whether Rashmika has made the right entry in Bollywood.

Rashmika came at a time when Bollywood heroines like Pooja Hegde and Kiara along with star heroines like Samantha were running as top heroines in South and pulled everyone towards her. She made films with star heroes and got success. With this blow, Bollywood also called Rashmika and offered a lot. Like all other heroines, Rashmika left when Bollywood called her. But it can be thought that Rashmaka was not welcomed as grandly as Bollywood, which entered with so many hopes.

Rashmika started shooting for Bollywood movies in 2020. One by one is being done but no success. Good Bye, starring Rashmika in the lead role alongside Amitabh and Neenagupta, has been released in theatres. Although the reviews were okay, it was not a commercial success. Rashmika, who waited eagerly for the result of her first film released in Bollywood with many hopes, was a bit disappointed as it was not a hit.

In fact, Rashmika made her Bollywood debut in 2020 with Mission Majnu. Rashmika acted opposite Siddharth in Mission Majnu, a spy action entertainer starring Siddharth Malhotra. But this movie has not been released till now. This solid raw story, which has been grandly unfolding since two years, is going to be released directly on OTT in January next year. As it is an action oriented subject, Rashmika thought that it will be released in a grand theater. But Rashmika starrer Mission Majnu is releasing on Netflix on January 18. The first released movie did not play well, and if the next movie Mission Majnu is released in theaters and gets a good craze, then this is being released in OTT.

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Rashmika entered Bollywood with good hopes, but Rashmika is still trying to get the image and success that she expected. But even if the movies are not released or hit, Rashmika is still getting good offers. As for Bollywood ads, many offers are coming. Rashmika has already acted in many Hindi ads. And it remains to be seen which film will bring Rashmika the craze in South.

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