Rashmika Mandanna Rashmika Mandhana responded to the trolls coming at her

Rashmika Mandanna Rashmika Mandanna is captivating with her beauty and gestures. All you have to do is turn your eyes. Love is the kingdom until the frame changes. It’s enough if you keep your mouth shut and say the dialogue. So there is no difference between class and mass in her fan base. He has definite views on fashion. Rashmika says that she prefers comfort over fashion.

In movies, we do what the director tells us and we act according to the role. We have nothing to do with it. There is a big difference between reel life and real life. He has to appear in various roles on screen. But in real life we ​​try to be ourselves. Everyone wants to look beautiful. But only when beauty is added with decoration.. sparkles shine. As far as I am concerned I prefer comfort over glamour. Except for shootings and special occasions.. my vote is trousers and t-shirt.

The reception of the Telugu audience is unforgettable for life. I became closer to them after ‘Pushpa’. Wherever they go, they look like their daughter. Currently on Bollywood
I focused. I, along with you, am looking forward to the day when I will be back on screen as Srivalli with ‘Pushpa 2’.

Everyone needs fitness, not just celebrities. I focus on keeping my body fit. Exercise and yoga increase concentration. You can focus on what you are doing. You can eat enough and drink enough water. I don’t say that it should be done this way. According to one’s taste and comfort they should choose the exercise.

They write whatever they want on celebrities for publicity. We have to face a lot of difficulties because of them. I don’t care much about trolls. It’s okay as long as it’s fun. Excessive speculation is never good. Personal life is very important for everyone.

As we live in our world, somehow, someone wants to throw mud at us. At least six hundred, I decided to go the way my mind told me. When there are stoners around, the best way is to keep your head down and move on.

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