Rashmi Gautam : Rashmi forgot to wear pants in the rush to take pictures.. Netizens are celebrating

Rashmi Gautam : Need to say something special about Rashmi Gautam? Sudhir Sudheer is another person who comes to our mind just by mentioning Rashmi’s name. The relationship between the two of them is not what it used to be. A bond that has been going on since the beginning of Jabardasth on ETV. In the middle, Sudhir.. is distant from Jabardast but not from Rashmi. Recently, Sudheer appeared again in Extra Jabardasth. Then again the bond between them was revealed once again. Anyway.. No other couple on screen has the craze of Sudheer and Rashmi

That is not an exaggeration. It is known that Rashmi has recently acted in a movie called Bomma Blockbuster. Whether the movie is a blockbuster or not, Rashmi is enjoying herself in Maldives. After the release of the movie, she seems to have got some relief, that’s why this cutie went to Maldives immediately. However.. Rashmi did not enjoy herself in Maldives as usual. Everywhere you look on his social media are the same photos. Rashmi Gautam captured the beauty of the place and her own beauty on the cameras and shared it on her social media accounts.

Rashmi Gautam latest pics viral on instagram

Rashmi Gautam : Reporting from Maldives

Recently.. she did a photo shoot without pants.. without wearing anything underneath. Rashmi shared the related photos on her social media account. Those photos are now going viral. Netizens are commenting after seeing those photos.. Did you forget to wear pants, papa? These photos are currently going viral on social media.

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