Rashi: Has Rashi married three times.. The twist is..!

Rashi: Once upon a time, Rashi was a beautiful grandmother who won the hearts of the Telugu audience by acting in front of all the star heroes. This lady entertained by acting in item songs. But Rashi, who stayed away from films a few years ago, is enjoying her family life and is now excelling in business. It also appears on the big screen from time to time. Rashi has acted in many roles as a child actress. A plump homely beauty to look at. But her life is full of controversies. Especially in the matter of her marriage, she made many mistakes. She married three times in her life.

Rashi: What is true?

When Rashi was 18 years old, she fell in love with Tamil director Ashok Samrat and got married. Rashi ran away from home and got married to Ashok Samrat after he said no to marriage at home. But after that there was a conflict between the two, so it was said that she broke up with him. After that, she decided to marry director Suresh Varma. After that, differences arose between the two of them and he was also divorced. Apart from that, Rashi got married to a man named Srinivas after getting divorced from Suresh Varma.

Did Actress Rashi Have Three Marriages

Now she is enjoying her family life well. It is said that Rashi has married three times in her career. And no one is clear about how much truth there is in this. Her real name is Vijayalakshmi. She entered the field of acting right from her childhood. After that she made her debut as a heroine with Pellipandiri. After that she also did films with star heroes.

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