Rana Naidu Web-Series | Rana Naidu’s web series which has finally come to OTT.. What is the streaming platform?

Rana Naidu Web-Series | The latest web series ‘Rana Naidu’ starring Daggubati heroes Venkatesh and Rana. This web series is based on the American crime drama series ‘Ray Donovan’. Karan Hanshuman made this web series with many changes to suit the taste of the audience here. Ever since the announcement of this web series, there has been huge anticipation among the audience. The first look poster released by the makers has doubled the expectations. Moreover, the curiosity of the audience has increased as father and boys are seen together in the same frame.

The shooting of this web series has been completed for months. But it could not be seen for streaming. There are many cases where the makers have disappointed Daggabati fans by postponing the time when Repo..Mapo is streaming. Finally, Rananaidu has come to Netflix. The movie will be streaming from 1:30 PM on Friday. There are ten episodes in total in this series.. Each episode is 45-50 minutes long. This series is available in Tamil, Malayalam and Spanish along with Telugu and Hindi.

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