Rana Naidu : Rana Naidu.. How family hero Venkatesh made this range adult series okay?

Rana Naidu : It is known that recently all the star heroes and artists are doing many web series on the OTT path. It is against this background that Daggubati Baba – boys Venkatesh-Rana acted together in a web series called Rana Naidu. The Rana Naidu series, which is a huge production of Netflix, will be streaming on Netflix from March 10. With the trailer released earlier, the Venkatesh-Rana starrer has created huge expectations for this series. After seeing the trailer, they thought that this series is like a Tom and Jerry game between father and son.


But after the release, this series is receiving severe criticism. Because it has more adult, bold content and vulgar language. Rana had earlier said in the promotions that this series should not be watched with family, but should be watched as a single. However, as Venkatesh is a family hero, many people watched this series. But usually people don’t care much about bold content. But in every episode of the series there are elements like nudity, violence, bootulu.. all adult series. Even with Venkatesh, they made him appear in bold scenes by talking crudely.

Usually, it is known that Netflix series have soft and bold content, but Telugu audience, especially Venkatesh fans, are unable to digest it by taking Telugu heroes and putting adult content in this range. At least if the story and screenplay is good, it doesn’t mean that. There are no scenes between Rana and Venkatesh except for a few scenes which are supposed to be a fight between father and son. Also slow narration. Apart from Venkatesh and Rana, there are about 10 actors who are known to Telugu people in the entire series, and that too are from other languages. From the beginning of the story, Rana hates Venkatesh, even though he has given some reasons for it, the right reason has not been given or shown. At the end of the series, Venkatesh Rana is asked, but he says that he has not been treated properly as a father since childhood. Since Venkatesh did not show the back side story, the original Venky uncle character is not given any justification. The Rana Naidu series, starring Venkatesh and Rana, has received a lot of criticism from the audience as it has been shot in Bollywood and Hollywood without keeping the original Telugu audience in mind. Venkatesh is known as a family hero. Telugu audience and fans are scratching their heads as to how such a hero has done such a bold series.

But some people are also supporting that they have come out of the comfort zone. Some people who like Netflix series will like this series. Venkatesh and Rana are also positive about this series. They have been saying from the beginning that they have done this to be different from the usual roles. There are terrible trolls on social media and media on this series. But Rana is promoting the series further by sharing some posts in support of the series on his Twitter.

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If anyone wants to watch Rana Naidu series then just watch it. Do not watch with family at all.

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