Rana Naidu Did Rana Naidu make a web series and did Venkatesh make a mistake?

Rana Naidu Web-Series | The ‘Rana Naidu’ web series, which Daggubati fans and audiences have been eagerly waiting for, has finally arrived on Netflix. Whether it has happened or not.. Criticisms are pouring in on this web series in a range. Even though the Daggubati heroes said that they should watch this web series alone from the beginning, Venky fans, who have an unwavering fan base as a family hero, started watching the series regardless. As soon as the first episode starts, Venky’s fans are shocked to see nude scenes and stray clothes. Venky uncle is seriously disappointed that he has done such a series.

Venkatesh has almost done family films in his three decades of film career. Especially for Venkatesh, the craze in the family audience is different. When his film comes out, it is not all the fuss that family audiences make at the theatres. Everyone is shocked that Venkatesh with such a name is acting in such a web series. I don’t know if Venky Mama agreed because of remuneration or if he accepted the trend of web series, but Venky became a target because of this web series. This web series remains a blot on Venky Mama’s film career. Venky’s fans are also showing extreme intolerance towards this series. Needless to say, Venkatesh has agreed to this web series.

In fact, many people know that the Netflix series is full of vulgar scenes and vulgar language. But since Venkimama was going to act, everyone thought that there was no point in such things. But it is noteworthy that this series has more booths than the recent series. This web series is based on the American crime drama series ‘Ray Donovan’. The series is jointly directed by Karan Anshuman and Suparn Varma and has ten episodes in total. Each episode is 45-50 minutes long. This series is available in Tamil, Malayalam and Spanish along with Telugu and Hindi.

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