Ramyakrishna Casting Couch Comments Target Is That Star Director?

Famous heroine Ramya Krishna has been entertaining the audience for the past four decades by acting in the films of everyone from senior heroes to junior heroes in the Telugu film industry. There is no need to introduce Ramya Krishna’s acting to the new movie audience. She is a very good actress with the movie ‘Baahubali’ she became super popular not only in the country but all over the world. How can Ramyakrishna’s role of Sivagami in Baahubali not even imagine another actress in her dreams? It is understandable that she lived in that role.

Though a Tamil film actress by nature, Ramyakrishna fell in love with Telugu director Krishnavamshi and got married. Ramyakrishna has received many good marks for her performance not only from movie lovers but also from critics. Currently Ramyakrishna is acting as a character artist as she is getting older. But Ramyakrishna also faced many difficulties at the beginning of her career. In the past, she had made sensational comments that she also faced casting couch harassment for opportunities as an actress.

Talking about the casting couch, Ramya Krishna said that it is not only in the film industry but in all fields… But since the celebrities are often seen on the screen, more and more things about the casting couch come out about them. Ramyakrishna made a sensational remark that in the current generation, some assessments are necessary for women to work elsewhere.. Even in the film industry, some directors, producers and heroines have always been harassed.

She also blasted that if some directors and producers do as they say, they will give good chances to the heroines and provide all the facilities. But she also said that all the actresses are not as flexible as the directors and producers have told them. However, rumors were heard that the casting couch comments made by Ramya Krishna targeted a senior and top director in Tollywood. Ramyakrishna acted in films directed by that senior. It is said that she faced this kind of harassment from that director…but she also told this to her husband Krishnavamshi.

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