Ramya made a video of what Naresh and Pavitra did on the night of Krishna’s death…!

Late Superstar Krishna passed away. His second wife Vijayanirma’s son was embroiled in many controversies while he was still alive. Even though there are no blemishes on Naresh’s film career, his personal life is always in the news. Now when Pavitra is getting ready for her fourth marriage with Lokesh, Naresh is being accused by his third wife Ramya Raghupati.

In a recent YouTube channel interview, what actually happened on the night of Krishna’s death? How Naresh and Pavitra have behaved has been revealed along with the evidence. That night Krishna Parthiva’s body was kept in his house. When such a great person dies, there is no one near him that night. However, Mahesh Babu and the Krishna family members were in pain and went to sleep soon as there was cremation in the morning.

But when the media and celebrities were there, Naresh and Pavitra rushed.. As soon as they left, Naresh and Pavitra also left from there. She also released the video where she was the only one there at night. In this video, she showed what happened every hour.

– At 11 o’clock only Ramya was there.
– At 12 o’clock, one or two people were seen roaming there.
– At 1 o’clock Ramya lit incense sticks and appreciated the photo of her son Krishna Parthiva next to his dead body. There was no one there at that time. Ramya is alone with her son. But along with the two drivers who are fans of Krishna, a female police officer who is also a fan of Krishna is sitting patiently.

– And at 2 o’clock, once again, Ramya took a video of the scene of Krishna lighting incense with her son.
– There is no one there even at 3 o’clock. At that time, Ramya’s friends Indu and Vedika came to see Krishna for the last time.
– At 4.15 am Ramya herself lit the lamp at Krishna’s photo.. Even then there was no one there.
– Ramya Avedana stated that at 6.30 in the morning, he shifted Parthiv’s body to Padmalaya in an ambulance.. At least Naresh did not enter the ambulance during the shift.

Even though Krishna is not Naresh’s own father, he and Naresh got married sitting on peeta.. He is a great person.. Every day when he goes out, his mother-in-law comes to Vijayanirmala’s gate and says goodbye to him. Ramya Avedana expressed that this is not a sendup to be caught.

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