Ramgopal Verma | 24 assembly seats for Pawan Kalyan’s party only because of that fear: RGV satirical tweet

Ramgopal Verma: Film director Ramgopal Verma reacted in his own style to the allotment of only 24 seats to TDP, which has allied with Janasena for the elections in Andhra Pradesh. He complained that 24 assembly seats were allotted to Pawan’s party because of the fear of trolls on Pawan Kalyan even if it is one seat below or one seat above. He made a post to this effect on his official X (X) account.

As part of the alliance, TDP allotted 24 Assembly and three Lok Sabha seats to Jana Sena. On Saturday morning, TDP president Chandrababu Naidu and Janasena president Pawan Kalyan held a press meet and revealed who they are contesting for. In this background, film director Ram Gopal Varma satirized the allotment of only 24 seats to Janasena. He complained that 24 seats were allotted to Pawan’s party due to the fear of trolling people. If it gets 23 seats, it will be trolled as TDP’s lucky number. If 25 seats are given, they will be trolled saying that Pawala seats have been given to Pawala. That’s why 24 seats were given as a middle ground’, RGV satirized.

Criticism is pouring in on social media for allotting only 24 seats to Jana Sena. Netizens are criticizing Pawan Kalyan, who previously said that TDP would not win without Janasena, now settling for 24 Assembly and 3 Lok Sabha seats means insulting Janasena workers. Having a history of ten years, contesting in 130 seats in the last election, and now being limited to only 24 seats, some people are commenting that Pawan Chandrababu has fallen into a trap.

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