Rambha cried on the sets because of the prank done by that crazy hero…!

Director Raghavendra Rao’s movies mean flowers and fruits should fall on the bellies of the heroines. Under the direction of Raghavendra Rao, the movie ‘Bombay Priyudu’ came out under his own banner with JD Chakraborty and Rambha. After the blockbuster hit of “Pellisandadi”, Raghavendra Rao decided to make a movie with a new hero and made “Bombay Priyudu” with Rambha who was already in form along with JD Chakraborty as the heroine.

All the songs in this movie are super hits as musicals. The movie was also a blockbuster hit. One day while shooting a movie, Battai was shooting a song while his teeth were falling down. Raghavendra Rao also used pineapple fruit in the same song. But the Jedi Emperor is joking and now he is going to grind his teeth on you… and then he will bring such a big watermelon and roast him, so Rambha laughed out loud.


On the one hand, when Raghavendra Rao was shooting for a song, he became serious as the hero and heroine joked and laughed. Keep smiling as long as you can.. Laugh as long as you can laugh. He said he will shoot only after you stop laughing. As Raghavendra Rao suddenly became serious with her, Rambha cried in the morning on the set.

She is very upset that she had an unnecessary conversation with the director due to JD Chakraborty’s work through no fault of her own. Finally, after the people there told Rambha that he had a cold, Raghavendra Rao returned and finished the song. Rambha said on one occasion that during the shooting time of the movie ‘Bombay Priyudu’, JD Chakraborty used to have prank fights.

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