Ramarama..Kriti’s speech..Pachi Boothu’s speech..Can’t you hear it, Baboy..!?

Recently, heroines are very stylish, glamorous and like to speak boldly in front of the media. The heroines of yesteryear used to remain in a position where they couldn’t speak holding the mic with rice out of shame. But the present heroines are not like that.. They are getting trolled on social media saying that they are giving more bold speeches than the heroes.

The present is subjected to such trolling by Kriti Shetty. Kriti Shetty, who entered the industry as a heroine with the movie S Uppena, scored a blockbuster success in her first movie. After that two films became super hits and Kritti’s entire career account was filled with big big projects. However, after she acted in an unexpected range, three films turned out to be a disaster, and opportunities for Kritti became scarce.

In this order, people say that Kriti has become busy in getting opportunities with her words. However, in a recent interview with Kollywood media, Kriti accidentally slipped her tongue and uttered a slur. The people of Kollywood caught by this are trolling Kriti in a range, they are defaming Kriti by saying such words as Eve. Actually, Kriti didn’t mean to say that.. it came out of her mouth by mistake. Anyway, I have to say that this is an example of bad timing..!!

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