Ram – Lakshman : Waltheru Veeraiah, Veerasimha Reddy Special Fights by Fight Masters..

Ram – Lakshman: It is known that two senior star heroes are going to release films from Tollywood this Sankranti. Along with Chiranjeevi Waltheru Veeraya’s movie, Balakrishna Veerasimha Reddy’s movies will entertain the audience this Sankranti. It is remarkable that the production company is the same for these two films. Not only the production company but also the heroine is the same. It is even more surprising that some songs have the same dance master. Apart from that, the fight masters of these two films are Ram-Lakshman.

In this way, the interest in the movies has increased as the same person is working for most of the departments for these two movies. There are already huge expectations for the movie with teasers and songs. Both the movies have a lot of mass elements and the movies have full hype. Film promotions are already being done at hero level. Recently, as part of the promotions of these movies, fight masters Ram – Laxman told more interesting things about these movies in an interview.

Fight masters Ram – Laxman said that the directors have prepared a story suitable for the two big heroes. Both films are different in terms of stories. That’s why we thought that the fights should also be different and show diversity in both the movies. In Waltheru Veeraiya movie, Chiranjeevi, who is wearing a lungi from the front, fights stylishly with guns during the interval. It has to show a lot of change. This interval fight is very stylish. We worked hard for 16 days for this one fight. There will also be a fun fight between Chiranjeevi and Shruti Haasan in this movie.

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Also in the movie Veerasimha Reddy, Balakrishna does a fight sitting on a chair. It would be great. He said that mass action fights in Turkey will be very special.

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