Ram Gopal Varma: Joker in front of Jagan .. RGV Interesting comments

The film industry, which at the time strongly demanded the AP government to increase film rates, is now biting its tongue. With the huge increase in ticket price .. looking at the people who do not come to the theaters .. is suffering. Reducing ticket rates to bring them to the theater .. Announcing them .. Nana is in trouble. Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has recently reacted to this. RGV is currently busy with Konda movie promotions. In an interview, Anchor gave a funny answer to a question asked. Referring to the ticket rates, he said in his daily style that he was a joker in front of Jagan in this regard.

“It simply came to our notice then. Yet it is foolish to argue that our decision was the right one. At that time, we increased the ticket rates with that vigor. The government also increased it. But after that everything was reversed. People will come to the movie if Vice Jagan ticket rates are available. But we thought we were being bullied .. but now we have realized that no one is coming to the theaters as ticket rates are not available. Really, our blunder is a mistake, ”said RGV, breaking the pot. RGV first showered tweets demanding the government to increase ticket rates in the AP. He was also the first to go and talk to the government on behalf of the industry as if it was a continuation. And now RGV is also the first to openly say very strongly to reduce ticket rates! That’s it with RGV!

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