Ram Charan: Why did Ram Charan who wanted to be Venkatesh’s son-in-law miss that chance..!

Ram Charan: Mega power star Ram Charan needs no special mention. Ram Charan acquired a pan India star image during Anathi’s time. Recently he received a huge hit with the movie RRR and after that he had a bit of a deal with the movie Acharya. Currently, big directors are making a huge movie under the direction of Shankar. Expectations on this movie have also doubled. But when it comes to Ram Charan’s personal matter, he fell in love with Upasana ten years ago and got married. The anniversary was also celebrated recently. But the fact that they don’t even have children after ten years has become a topic of discussion.

Upasana is reacting to many social issues and doing things that help four people while performing the responsibilities as the chairperson of Apollo. So this mega daughter-in-law is getting praise from many celebrities. . There is always some kind of discussion going on about why she is not having children even after ten years of entering into a three-thorn relationship with Ram Charan. On June 14, 2012, the marriage of Ram Charan and Upasana took place with the consent of the elders of both the families. Both the family members celebrated this wedding in such a grand manner that the whole country was talking about it.

Ram Charan missed the great opportunity

Ram Charan : So miss..

A news related to Ram Charan’s marriage is now doing the rounds. Ram Charan did not want to marry Megastar Chiranjeevi Venkatesh’s elder daughter Ashrita. But Charan is not interested in marrying another girl as he is already in love with Upasana. After telling Upasana about being in love, Venkatesh took back his decision saying that there is nothing greater than the happiness of the children. Thus, the chance of Venkatesh’s daughter Ashrita becoming Mega’s daughter-in-law was lost. And after that, Chiru.. Ram Charan went to worship and made his eyes wide open in a grand way.

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