Ram Charan VS jr.NTR: Where is the headache babu.! Both of them..! Changed fans showing dots to the directors..

Young Tiger NTR, Mega Power Star Ram Charan! Best friends in real life. Brothers in reel life. Top stars in Tollywood film industry! Stars who always push the trend. But now their fans and followers are a bit upset with the two stars. Not only Alakapoona.. They are also giving sweet warning to each other regarding the updates of their movies.S! Young Tiger NTR, who was busy with Triple R till yesterday, still hasn’t started any film. But Cherry, the same co-star who did Triple R, is running the shoot of RC 15. Along with that Rangasthalam 2 movie has also started. With this, Tarak’s fans are in a bit of a rush. They are demanding to start the movie soon. They are commenting that they have learned to see the cherry called Anstrine.

And with Tarak… Cherry fans are also on fire. They are getting serious about RC 15 movie update.. Shankar. They are expressing their pain with funny memes saying that they should not buy their hero. RC15 title is trending on Twitter. And the netizens who saw their comments.. Where is the headache, Babu? They are making funny comments. Memes are also being made on the same subject.. The tribe is going viral.

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