Ram Charan: This is the diet plan of Mega Powerstar Ram Charan..!

Hyderabad: Mega Power star Ram Charan’s fans are indulging in celebrations as the song Natu Natu from the RRR movie won the Oscar award as the best original song. Many fans along with the audience are interested to know the diet plan of Ram Charan who makes the action scenes blood-curdling with his strong physique. The details of what kind of food items Mega Powerstar takes for breakfast, lunch and dinner have come to light recently.


Ram Charan consumes two whole eggs and three egg whites every morning. Eggs, which are rich in proteins and healthy fats, not only provide energy but also help in weight loss with a feeling of fullness. Along with breakfast, Charan drinks almond milk daily. Take a bowl of oats. These two contain healthy fats, proteins, complex carbohydrates, phosphorus and vitamins.


Lunch is served with curry or chicken wings mixed with greens and vegetables. Eat brown rice which is low in calories. Brown rice is better than white rice for those who want to lose weight


Fried fish is eaten before dinner. A vegetable salad is included in dinner. Three to four liters of water and dry fruits are taken as snacks throughout the day.

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