Ram Charan: Ram Charan revealed the real truth saying ‘I will have a son’ at the Oscar ceremony..!!

Ram Charan: Ram Charan entered the industry as a hero as the son of Megastar Chiranjeevi. He rose to the rank of star hero in a very short time. He got a good reputation as a good son to his father. Now we know that it has been almost ten years since the marriage of Ramcharan Upasana. But recently Chiranjeevi officially announced that Upasana is pregnant. With this, Mega fans expressed happiness that Mega’s successor is coming. Recently, the RRR movie starring Ramcharan has received an Oscar award in the original song category.

Ram Charan interesting comments on Oscar awards

In this order, RRR team went to America for movie promotions. Along with Ram Charan, Upasana also reached an arrangement. Upasana was buzzing there along with Charan. Ramcharan made interesting comments while talking to the Hollywood media. Charan Upasana said that I am happy to be a part of the RR team. Dhima expressed that this movie will definitely get an Oscar award. And Ram Charan said that Upasana is pregnant. It brings joys before our baby comes into our lives.

I will never forget this moment. A lot has changed in six months. Our child is bringing luck to us. He expressed happiness saying that my baby will be in our hands in a few days. With this, people are now thinking that there are many months for worship. According to Charan’s calculations, the upasana will be delivered in another three months. People are discussing on social media whether Ram Charan will have a baby or a baby boy. And Ramcharan is acting in a movie under the direction of Tamil star director Shankar. This movie is also going to be released pan India level.

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