Ram Charan | Next James Bond Ramcharan..Hollywood creator praises

It is needless to say how famous Hollywood actor Daniel Craig is for James Bond franchises worldwide. Not just stunning acting.. James Bond’s action scenes on the silver screen with jaw-dropping stunts are not ordinary. After Daniel Craig, is there any actor who can do justice to the worldwide craze of James Bond..? So says Cheo Hodari Coker, creator of Luke Cage (American TV series).

Who is that actor? It is remarkable that the actor who does justice like Daniel Craig is a Tollywood hero. Can you guess who he is? Ram Charan who received praise from Hollywood celebrities with his acting in RRR movie. Yes, Ramcharan is an actor who has all the qualifications to play the role of James Bond, Cheo praised. Daniel Craig is not doing another movie after No Time To Die in 2021.

Will Ramcharane be seen in NEXT’s upcoming project..? The news gained momentum. In the matter of next James Bond choice, Chio Hodari Coker mentioned the names of many actors. With this, comments rained from Ramcharan’s fans within a few hours.


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