Ram Charan: He is the person I respect the most after Dad and Baba.. Ram Charan’s interesting comments..

After the Oscar ceremony, Mega Power Star Ram Charan directly reached Delhi and participated in the conclave organized by India Today. In this, Charan participated as a representative of Indian cinema along with his wife Upasana. In this program, he told many things about his film career, including Oscar Award, RRR film. Charan said that getting an Oscar is an incredible thing. He still can’t believe that our film has won an Oscar in the Best Original Song category. He also said that his wife Upasana is his lucky mascot. I am going to be a father soon. He said that all good things happen once.

Charan said.. “I feel lucky to be at the place where the Oscar event took place. I am a big fan of Oscar since my childhood. We reached the Oscars. Will we win? Or? Not a big deal in my opinion. Going to that stage is a big honor in my eyes. That is a rare recognition. It was a pleasure to represent our film there.

Before the Oscar ceremony, we had no emotions. It seemed stagnant with the kangaroo. I remember my wife holding my hand tightly. Mike Tyson seemed to hold tight. My first film with Rajamouli, Magadheera, became a blockbuster. I love working with task masters. I like to stand on my feet. Working with Rajamouligari feels like going to school. “After my father Chiranjeevi and my grandfather Pawan Kalyan, the person I respect the most is Rajamouli,” said Charan.

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