Ram Charan: Charan and Upasana attended Indira Devi’s memorial service.

Ram Charan: Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu’s mother Indira Devi recently passed away due to serious health issues. Ghattamaneni’s family members were suddenly shocked by her sudden death. However, it is known that Mahesh Babu and his family along with celebrities have expressed their deep sympathy for her death.

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Indira Devi’s memorial day was organized yesterday. In this order today Ram Charan also reached Mahesh Babu’s house. Today evening Charan attended Indira Devi’s memorial service along with upasana.

Charan and Upasana visited Superstar Krishna and Mahesh Babu and paid tribute to Indira Devi. Photos related to this have now gone viral. It is also known that Ghattamaneni’s family members are planning to organize a condolence meeting in the presence of Ghattamaneni’s relatives and fans on October 16 at Burripalem, Indira Devi’s hometown.



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