Ram Charan: Baboy.. Do you know the price of the dress worn by Charan at the Oscar ceremony? You have to put your mouth to the blow

Among all the Tollywood heroes, Ram Charan seems to have a bit more fashion sense. On screen.. off screen with her choice of clothes.. she impresses everyone. Youth keeps following him. This has been done since the movie Orange. Now everyone is talking about it. Cherry Oscar’s outfit cast is coming out.. everyone is getting shocked.

Rumors say that the cost of this suit designed by Nikita Singhania and Shantanu, who are the top designers in India, may be around one lakh dollars. And now this news is shaking the social media. But the reason for that is that some people are commenting that it might be imported handmade cloth. And now this is going viral and shocking everyone.

Fans say that Mega Power Star is not ordinary. Charan, who got a pan India hit with RRR, is now working on a film directed by Shankar. The shooting of this movie is going on fast. Bollywood beauty Kiara Advani is playing the heroine in this movie. Cherry is also doing a movie directed by Buchibabu Sana.

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