Rajinikanth Rajinikanth honored Madhavan..video viral

Talented hero Madhavan (Madhavan) self-directed the title role of the film Rocketry..The Nambiar Effect (Rocketry: The Nambi Effect). The film, which is a biopic of ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan, was released in various languages ​​including Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and received critical acclaim at the box office. Superstar Rajinikanth praised this movie.

Star heroes Shahrukh Khan and Suriya played key roles in this film which was released as a biographical film. Rajinikanth and Madhavan met Nambinarayan today. Madhavan was felicitated with a shawl on this occasion. Later Madhavan took Rajinikanth’s blessings. In this film, Simran, Rajit Kapoor, Misha Ghoshal, Ravi Raghavendra along with star heroes Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya played key roles.

An unforgettable moment when you get the blessings of a one man industry & legend. Rajinikanth sir’s inspiration on the movie Rocketry filled us with vitality. We love you.. Madhavan tweeted.

Tri Color Films, Varghese Moulin Pictures and 27th Investments jointly produced this film. It is known that the Rocketry project was given a special preview at the Cannes Film Festival-2022.

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