Rajendra Prasad: My God who gave me this begging .. Rajendra Prasad, the actor who remembered NTR.

Today is the 100th birth anniversary of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who is immortalized in the hearts of the Telugu people. NTR made history as an actor and a politician. On the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of NTR, affectionately known as Entodu by the Telugu people, film actors, acquaintances and political leaders are paying solid tributes to him. He has fond memories. Many movie stars and politicians visit NTR Ghat to pay their respects. Recently, actor Rajendra Prasad visited NTR Ghat and paid tributes to him. The entire Telugu community in the world is remembering him today .. as the lucky one who was born in his native soil .. Join the Madras Film Institute through them .. in the way he showed .. in line with the advice he gave .. to me who stands before you today as a special actor .. My God is the one who bestowed that begging .. said Rajendra Prasad.

Also Rajendra Prasad said .. In the backdrop of the centenary celebrations of Venerable Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, he called me from all over the world to come and celebrate his centenary. He said he was the man in our house .. he invited me. Donations in Annagari’s name are made in all countries of the world. Pest is a great genius who is proud .. Mahaniyudu NTR who informed the world about the Telugu race .. If you all remember him like that. Rajendra Prasad reminded Annagari that he is very happy .. as a person who stayed by his side for a few years and did his apprenticeship .. even when he got into irritated politics, society is the temple .. people are gods.

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