Rajamouli | Rajamouli’s steps towards Hollywood.. Mahesh Babu’s movie is the foundation

Rajamouli | It’s not how you start your career, it’s how you take it forward that matters. In this regard, Rajamouli stands as a role model for many directors not only in India but also in the world. Once he rocked only Tollywood.. now he is making the whole world talk about his movies. Rajamouli, who showed the world his level with Baahubali, is showing a new figure to the world cinema along with Triple R movie. The director is still making the world talk about this movie, even though it has been almost ten months since its release. Moreover, he has been staying in America more than India for the past few months. With the second prestigious Golden Globe award also coming to the movie Triple R.. Rajamouli is raising hopes for the next Oscar.

The shortlist for the remaining categories will be released on January 24. Rajamouli is planning to go to America again in two or three days. In addition to that, after meeting directors like James Cameron and Spielberg there, Rajamouli was also bitten by the Hollywood bug. With that, Jakkanna was determined that the next movies he would do should be of Hollywood level. Mahesh Babu is making the film as the foundation for this. Hollywood people are working more than Indian technicians for this movie. Besides that, Rajamouli is also looking to import actors from there.

Rajamouli, who had said that he would budget Rs 500 crore for Mahesh’s film, now says no budget limit. Rajamouli strongly believes that the producers are ready to spend any number of crores. That is why Mahesh Babu is fixated on making the film a pan world project. It is going to be an international project and not an Indian movie. Rajamouli is choosing the story accordingly. Mahesh Babu’s film is going to be an adventure story set in the background of African forests. Rajamouli has also told the story of his next film to the director of Avatar. However, the director is making plans to settle down in Hollywood completely after Mahesh’s film.

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