Rajamouli | Rajamouli is putting aside those who believed him for Mahesh Babu..

Rajamouli | Some directors change heroes.. change producers.. but they take care of their technicians. Those who have made many films keep repeating the same. Take Rajamouli if you want. Since his first film till now only Keeravani has been providing music. No matter how many new music directors come to the industry, even if they give amazing songs, the director does not trust anyone except the elders.

He gets the music he wants only from Keeravani. Rajamouli also brought him an Oscar award. Keeravani is also providing music for Mahesh Babu’s film. But even if he did not take any risk in the case of the music director, Rajamouli is taking an adventure for the first time in the case of the rest of them. He is going ahead with technicians other than the ones he wants. Rajamouli’s movie means Senthil Kumar’s name should appear on the poster as the cinematographer of the movie.. But for Mahesh Babu’s movie PS Vinod came instead of him. Rajamouli replaced Vinod as Senthil was turning director.

Besides Srinivasa Mohan, who worked for Baahubali and RRR films, Kamal Kannan, who worked for Baahubali 2, is coming as the visual effects supervisor. And he is going towards someone other than Srikar Prasad as editor. Also, director Dhiru is taking someone other than Art Director Sabu Cyril. Looking at all these changes, it is clear that a lot has changed for Mahesh. Moreover, it seems that the actors who are going to act in this movie are mostly coming from Hollywood.

However, Rajamouli is going ahead with new people instead of the team that worked for Mahesh earlier. The film is likely to start in August. They are planning to start the regular shoot from December and release in the summer of 2026. Coming as an adventure thriller, the film is going to be shot mostly in the forests of South Africa.

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