Rajamouli : Rajamouli had a fight with Sridevi .. Sridevi shed tears ..!!

Rajamouli: Sridevi, the most beautiful beauty in the film industry, has earned a name as an unstoppable heroine. Many people used to go to theaters just to see Sridevi’s beauty. She took the industry by storm with her charms. No matter how many times you watch the movie Jagadekavirudu Athilokasundari in which she acted, you will never get bored. Words cannot express how beautiful she looks in that movie. After that, Sridevi also entered Bollywood and impressed the audience there with her own style. After that, she married Boney Kapoor and became a mother of two children.

After that, she died under suspicious circumstances in Dubai at the age of 55. Sridevi was first cast in the role of Sivagami Devi in ​​Baahubali directed by Rajamouli. Rajamouli convinced Sridevi by telling her the story. But Ramya Krishna came to that place unexpectedly. After the release of this movie, Ramya Krishna’s character got a good name and Rajamouli revealed this matter. Rajamouli said in an interview that it was my luck that Sridevi didn’t agree to the role. Sridevi to act in this movie

Rajamouli fought with Sridevi in ​​that matter

Remuneration of seven crores was asked. Also, whenever they come to Hyderabad, they put various conditions such as charged flight tickets and booking a 5-star hotel for her and her assistants. Reacting to Rajamouli’s comments, Sridevi said that Rajamouli did a good movie Baahubali, she liked the movie Eega directed by him a lot, and it hurt me to say such words as he who raised the fame of Telugu cinema.

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