Rajamouli drowned when Oscar came.. Very very bad news for Mahesh fans..!?

Oh my god.. this is really big bad news for Mahesh Babu fans. Movie analysts say that the movie to be made under the direction of Rajamouli with Mahesh as the hero has been stopped. We all know very well in what range Rajamouli has been struggling for the past few months. It is not known at what moment the RRR movie was started, but since then, Rajamouli has been busy in some work without taking a second gap.

Rajamouli finally got the Oscar award he wanted. Rajamouli, who is tired of working hard for many years in this series, wants to take a long break for some years. They want to take a break from the film industry for about three months in this sequence and enjoy a peaceful life. In this order, the news that Rajamouli Mahesh’s film will be stopped for three months goes viral.

Moreover, it was thought that beautiful grandmother Aishwarya Rai will play the villain in this movie. But now it seems that another new hero has been brought to the screen. A new news is going viral saying that Rana Daggubati is going to play the villain in this movie. If the same is true, the history of Baahubali will have to be rewritten. Another Oscar award should go to Rajamouli’s account, film analysts say. Let’s see what will happen in the coming days..?

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