Radhika Apte Radhika Apte’s sensational comments on young heroines

Radhika Apte Radhika Apte is one of those heroines who prefer acting over glamour. That’s why she is getting good offers in Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies. Radhika, who is close to the Telugu audience with Raktcharitra and Legend movies, has not done any big movies here. After Lion, she moved away from Tollywood. Completely limited to Hindi and English movies. Her latest Hindi movie Monika..O My Darling was released directly on Netflix on Friday. Radhika Apte who spoke to the media on this occasion made sensational comments on the young heroines.

Ever missed opportunities in terms of looks? Answering the media’s question, she expressed her opinion that the offers for heroines depend on their age. She said that many producers want to take young heroines in their films. That is why they get more offers in commercial films. Not stopping at this, comments are often heard in the industry that you do not have the qualities required of heroines. Radhika Apte has revealed that offers are made not only based on talent but on glamor not only in India but also abroad. That is why many are undergoing surgeries for offers. But she said that she never believed in surgeries to look beautiful. It is clear that there are no barriers for opportunities. She said that she had to face a lot of difficulties for success.

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