Racha Ravi | From the pain of hunger to the level of feeding rice for four.

Jabardasth Comedian Racha Ravi | Hope to appear in movies. Desire to see favorite hero. Aspiring to get a foothold in the industry. No matter how many dreams you have, you don’t have enough money to eat properly. If you buy and eat a kg of rice and curry worth six rupees, then you are lucky. If you have one hundred rupees in your hand. No day fellowship with an empty stomach. To kill the heartache, many days have passed by playing Kuniragas! Doddipati Ravikumar alias Raccha Ravi overcame that difficulty and rose to the level of providing rice for four people.

Few people in Warangal can remember Doddipati Ravikumar. That’s ‘Rachcha Ravi’ means…Telugu states will also smile. Even if he entertains as ‘Santa Bhai’.. Even if he says ‘Don’t take two bribes’, his comedy style is different. Rach Ravi’s presentation on screen is different. New Raipura in Hanmakonda is Ravi’s hometown. Mother Ahalya, father Shekhar. He was crazy about movies from sixth grade. Chiranjeevi, Brahmanandam and Charlie Chaplin are favorite actors. His desire to stand out in the industry made him a mimicry artist first. At that time, he thought that he would try his luck in ‘Oncemore Please’, which is being aired on Gemini TV. When I told my parents about it, they didn’t agree. Sister trusted Anna and sent the money to Hyderabad. He proved himself on stage ‘Oncemore Please’. He did not want to leave Hyderabad and go to Warangal as some TV shows were already starting. But due to the pressure of his parents, he went back again. He completed his degree.

As RJ.. as a work inspector!

After graduation, Ravi worked as a work inspector in the Warangal Municipal Corporation. After turning his mind to the art field again, he came to Hyderabad. He worked as a radio jockey for employment. With that experience, he went to Dubai and became an RJ. There he entertained widely in the Telangana accent called ‘Navvula Nallabalu’. He added the stories of the Gulf there and the stories of Telangana here.. He painted the flowers of laughter. He came to Hyderabad as his mind was drawn towards movies. After coming here, he experienced many difficulties to appear in movies. The people of the house thought that if he gets married, he will do it for the sake of the family. Got married. Earlier he came to Hyderabad with his wife. Joined a company as a technician. He spends the day looking for film opportunities and repairs washing machines in the evenings.

Jabardast opportunity..

While repairing a washing machine at a customer’s house, a Jabardasth promo came on TV. Ravi wanted to act in it anyway. He tried hard to meet the then team leader Venu. Got Chammak Chandra appointment through another friend. With his encouragement, he became famous as an actor, skit writer and second team leader. ‘My characters are inspired by society’ says Ravi. He examines every human deeply. He catches dialects like this. He understands who behaves in what situation. With this, film opportunities are also knocking at the door.

Different characters on screen

Recognizing Rachcha Ravi’s talent as a comedian, the directors gave him an opportunity to cultivate all emotions without limiting himself to comedy. Director Puri Jagannath gave Vijay Devarakonda a chance to do his own Hindi dub in Ligar. A person who thought it was enough to appear in one movie.. He acted in more than a hundred movies. Along with favorite hero Chiranjeevi, he acted with all the mega family heroes. Racharavi has acted in many successful films on the Telugu screen. Kalyanavaibhogam, Raja the Great, Shatamanam Bhavati, Nene Raju Nene Mantri, Maestro, MCA, F2, Gaddalakonda Ganesh, Sarileru Neekevvaru, Crack.. got important roles in the movies. Andhra accent in the movie Shatamanam Bhavati, Telangana accent in Gadalakonda Ganesh, Kurnool accent in Narappa, Kadapa accent in Kondapolam. In the movie Sarileru Neekevvaru, he went to Guntur to speak the ‘Guntur Hindi’ accent and got rid of that accent. He went to Chennai and learned the body language of Tamils. He traveled to many places for roles. He turned himself on the screen. Ravi who is successful in movies is also leading in social service. He is helping many people without forgetting the hardships he went through when he was unable to eat.

The eternal seeker..

Telugu teacher Padmaja taught me to live as an example. Social teacher Vijayalakshmi taught us to write a page for ourselves in history. I have come so far with the inspiration of those two. I used every opportunity. My journey as a jabardast artist, standup comedian, mimicry artist and skit writer has been varied. I have reached more people with the app ‘Racha Ravi’. I am also doing social service. I am the brand ambassador of Swachh Warangal. My goal is to become a great actor like Charlie Chaplin.

– Racha Ravi

✍ Ravikumar Thotapalli

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