Quarrels in Krishnam Raju’s family.. Shyamala Devi who took such a decision for Prabhas..!?

Everyone knows that Krishnam Raju, who gained a lot of popularity as a senior hero of Tollywood, is no longer with us. Rebel hero Krishnamraju, who has earned a special recognition for himself in the Telugu film industry, does not need to be told what kind of films he has done. At that time, all the films he acted in became the biggest blockbuster hits at the box office. Even when he played senior roles, Krishnamraju gained popularity in the industry without diminishing at all.

Meanwhile, the news is going viral in Bollywood saying that the family of Krishnam Raju, who died recently due to illness, is now upset. While Prabhas, who has been very close to each other for years, Prabhas’ younger sister is now fighting over property. Prabhas did not care about money. Taking remuneration in crores. But John Jigidi, who is a friend of Krishnamraju’s family, is sending Prabhas away from Krishnamraju’s family to seize the property.

Recently, a news has gone viral that Krishnamraj’s wife Shyama Devi is going to hand over the full responsibilities of the Uppalapati family to Prabhas to fulfill Krishnamraj’s last wish. Syamaladevi also categorically said that there is no need for anyone’s intervention in this. Fans are trending this news saying Shyama Devi has so much faith in Prabhas. Rebel fans are trending this news saying that Prabhas is supporting Prabhas more than his own daughters.

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