Pushpa-2 | Unexpected twist in ‘Pushpa-2’ .. Will ‘Srivalli’ die?

After ‘Baahubali’, the film ‘Pushpa’ impressed in parlance at that level. The film stars Allu Arjun in the lead role and is directed by creative genius Sukumar. The film, which was released in December last year, created a sensation. Not only in Telugu but also in every language that has been released. It has achieved a record of one hundred crore collections in Hindi without any promotions. Celebrities also beat Jaikumar for taking Sukumar and Vizian. Bunny danced and the audience cheered for the performance. Currently the audience is eagerly waiting for Pushpa-2.

Fahad, who only appeared for a while in the first part, cultivates so much vilinism in the second part, and how far does the confrontation with Bunny lead? What level does Bunny go to as a smuggler? That the audience is looking forward to with curiosity. It is in this context that the role of Rashmi is being hotly debated on Twitter. In the first part, Rashmika, in the role of Srivalli, impressed the audience immensely. It has also brought good recognition at the national level. However, there is speculation that Rashmi will die in the second part. Talk goes that the villains will kill Rashmi to get revenge on Bunny. Information that the turning point for this film will also be the same. Sukumar also puts a lot of emphasis on emotion in his films. Emotional scenes have played a key role in the films that Sukku has screened so far. Rashmi’s death in Pushpa-2 is also rumored to be playing a key role in the film. If you want to know the truth of this, you have to wait for the movie to come out.

The film, which is currently in the final stages of script, is set to hit the sets in August. Information that Disha Patani will be dancing in a special song in this movie. The first part of the film, which is set against the backdrop of red sandalwood smuggling, stars Malayalam star Fahad Fazil in the role of a villain. Rashmi Mandanna appeared as the heroine. Co-produced by Maitree Movie Makers and Mutham Shetty Media Banners. ‘Pushpa’, which was launched in December last year, achieved a gross collection of Rs 365 crore and rained down cash on the producers.



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