Puri Musings: ‘Isn’t it wrong to live looking for happiness tomorrow!..Enjoy this moment’.. Puri Jagannath comments.

To be happy there must be a little difficulty before it. Because everyone knows that happiness comes after hardship. Director Puri Jagannath said that we are looking for happiness in tomorrow. They said that we will be happy in the future and leave the happiness in the present..Now…not just this moment..Enjoy every moment with enthusiasm. It is known that recently Puri has been sharing his opinion on many different topics through Musings. Recently, on the occasion of New Year, Happy Now Here was told in a new style.

” We all want to be happy. To be happy there is a little difficulty before it. Because we all know that happiness comes after hardship. That’s why we are used to creating that difficulty ourselves and worrying about it. We think tomorrow our troubles will be over. That means we will find our happiness in tomorrow. It’s like postponing our happiness for tomorrow. Let’s go next year. And now what happened to this moment? If you dare, drink today. Why next year? Let’s write some resolutions in the new year. Let’s stop taking medicine from January 1.. Let’s stop playing poker.. Let’s wake up early in the morning and do yoga. But first why stop drinking today. If you dare, stop celebrating this December 31.. Have a good meal and go to bed by 9 o’clock. Can you do that? do not You get drunk all night and play pranks. Round should be done. You wake up sometime the next day.

You leave today’s happiness for tomorrow’s happiness. You burn the present and look forward to the happiness of the future. But you don’t care about the moment you have in your hands right now. There is never happiness in it. That is why the desire to be happy remains a dream. Apart from today.. What is the meaning of living waiting for tomorrow’s happiness?. You don’t know how to be happy. Peace of mind is unknown. If not this year then next year.. someday I will be better. If you live thinking that your troubles will end, that day will never come. Thinking about yesterday and forgetting to be happy today.

The whole world is celebrating on December 31. Even your friends. They don’t need happiness. But the weather is good. Join them.. dance. Do something for happiness today, don’t do something for New Year tomorrow. Don’t think my life will be better tomorrow. If you want to change, change today.. Don’t pretend to be tomorrow. Happiness is not tomorrow.. it will be good today. Happy now here” he said.

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