Punch Prasad : What happened to Punch Prasad.. He is unable to walk..!

Punch Prasad : Punch Prasad is one of the actors who deliver good comedy on a strong stage. He always makes the audience laugh. But now his health condition is not good at all. Panch Prasad’s health, who has been suffering from kidney disease for some time now, has further deteriorated. It seems that he is unable to walk now. While Prasad also announced this through his YouTube channel, Prasad’s wife took this video without his knowledge and the audience understood that his health condition was bad.

And according to what Panch Prasad’s wife said.. Prasad came home one day after shooting with a fever.. He had a lot of trouble with back pain. She said that even the doctors did not understand why this happened at first, and when they did the tests, they found out that the pus had spread from the back of the waist to the right leg. Nookaraju said in the video that he is posting this video on YouTube even if Prasadanna doesn’t like it, he wants everyone’s blessings and support. Many people are saddened to know that Panch Prasad’s health has deteriorated as he has been suffering from kidney related disease for some time now.

Punch Prasad’s health condition is critical

Punch Prasad : Unfortunately what happened…!

Panch Prasad is undergoing dialysis day in and day out due to failure of both kidneys. But now everyone is shocked to see that he is confined to a wheelchair in a motionless state. Praying for a speedy recovery. Panch Prasad.. is struggling with health problems behind the scenes.. making everyone laugh.. trying to forget his pain. It is known that the Jabardast comedy show on television is giving life to many artists. Those who have brought laughter on this stage are now moving forward with a series of opportunities on the silver screen. And some others are still trying to entertain by continuing in the Jabardast comedy show.

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