Prudhvi Raj is blasting the internet with Prithviraj’s flirting video.. Is it so romantic?

Prithviraj.. If people say this name, people may not remember much.. 30 years industry comedian Prithviraj, but people will remember it. This comedian, who gained popularity with only one dialogue in the movie Khadgam, then came to act in the movie in his own style. In the same order, Prithviraj made a political entry and campaigned on behalf of a party and got a key post in that party.

Suddenly his audio was leaked on social media. Until then, people used to say that Prithviraj is another nickname for goodness..but ever since the audio of his flirtatious talk with a woman was leaked, people get angry just by mentioning his name. Most importantly, the ladies created a bad impression on him when he overstepped his bounds by saying, “Hardly banging from behind” in the flirting audio.

After that, Prithviraj, who is slowly coming back into the industry and is appearing in roles that are gaining special recognition for himself, recently did an insta reel with Jabardast Tanmai. But in this order, Prithviraj takes her from behind. “Do you like being spanked from behind? What a man, come babu..” Some people say.. do you get that feeling just by holding him from behind..? They are making comments on him. Others are making harsh comments saying that this is what the Dussehra festival is for old people. With this, Prithviraj’s romantic insta reel is trending on social media..!!

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