Producer Rajesh Danda | As a producer, you can choose the stories you like!

Rajesh Danda is known as a successful distributor in Telugu cinema. He established the comedy movies banner and is also a successful producer. Currently, he is producing the films ‘Uru Parama Bhairavakona’ under the direction of V.I.Anand with Sandeep Kishan as the hero and ‘Samajavaragamana’ with Sree Vishnu. On this occasion, Rajesh Danda said in the meeting organized on Saturday that “The name of the town is Bhairavakona” is a supernatural fantasy thriller. The graphics are pleasing to the eye. We are shooting this film on a huge scale. We want to release in July or August. And ‘Samajavaragamana’ is a good family film. Entertainingly impressive throughout.

Srivishnu has not done this kind of story till now. In my personal opinion film production is better than distribution. We can choose the stories we like and make movies. But as a distributor, he made ten films in one year and won eight. ‘Itlu Maredumilli Prajanikam’ produced by our company was not a commercial success but was critically acclaimed. I am planning a film with Naresh in August. Directed by Subbu. Also, another film with Sree Vishnu is under discussion. Saidharam Tej is my favorite hero. I want to make a film with him.’

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