Producer Ashwinidat is unhappy with Producers Guild.. Sensational comments on AP Govt..!

Hyderabad: Famous producer Ashwinidat has expressed his displeasure with the Producers Guild. He spoke to the media on Thursday. He expressed his concern that the Producers Council was formed for the welfare of the producers and why the Producers Guild has not been informed at present. He alleged that bringing the audience to the theater has become a challenge and the reason for the present situation is to go to the CMs and increase the ticket prices.

He flagged that the reason for the audience’s aversion to movies is that they have been told once to lower the prices and once to increase them. They said that those who increased the ticket prices are worried about the shootings bandh. Ashwini Dutt said that it is not correct that the heroes are being paid according to the market price. It is untrue that ticket prices have increased due to the remuneration of heroes. He said that if there were problems in the past, heroes like NTR and Nageswara Rao did not come, and if there were problems, the film chamber would solve them.

He said that there is no stability in the current producers. On this occasion, he made sensational comments against the AP government. He said that Chandrababu was criticized when he removed the thousand-legged mandapam in Tirumala and Chandrababu removed the thousand-legged mandapam according to Agama Shastra. He criticized that there is no sin that has not happened in Tirupati. They said that the government had destroyed Tirupati in three years. Swami still does not know why he sees sins.

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